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First, I would like to thank you for visiting my channel!

For those of you unfamiliar with me... I'm CherrySoda, an independent escort and pro/amateur porn star/producer.
I'm a sweet and sexy Canadian girl, based in the beautiful and historic city of Victoria, British Columbia.
Victoria is located on Vancouver Island, situated in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, about fifteen kilometres off the west coast of Canada.

My goal is to produce the finest, 100% genuine escort porn available anywhere online. Sometimes, my videos feature just myself in sexy solo scenes, where I invite you to watch me bring myself to one explosive climax after another, using one or more toys from my extensive collection.
For the most part however, the majority of my videos feature my real clients being serviced by yours truly, in real sessions, for which I have been financially compensated for my time.

There are no scripts.
There are no pre-planned scenarios.

Everything you see is a 100% genuine account of exactly what occurs anytime a paying client and I spend a little time together. Witness the pure sexual debauchery, and every last dirty thing that transpires between a client and this exceptionally talented whore.

All of my videos are shot during actual sessions, as they naturally unfold... only this time, you get to watch!
Further adding to my videos unparalleled authenticity, is their “in real-time” feel. Other than to cut out boring breaks in the action, lame chit-chat, or general errors, such as a dropped camera, or a nauseating wild angle change, I edit the videos very little, and what you'll see, is basically an exact video account of what went down.

Due to the sometimes anti-photogenic conditions in which a working girl like myself often finds herself, (dimly-lit bedrooms, clients who were probably a bit too excited to be shooting POV footage, performance anxiety, etc.) some of my videos are admittedly quite raw. Some have a truly amateur, edgy, and low-res appearance, while others are steady, crystal-clear 1080p HD. Over time, I’ve improved a great deal at the art of shooting in difficult conditions. Im sure you’ll agree that my newer videos will confirm that claim.

While I've tried to include as much variety as possible, It's simply not possible to satisfy everyone...
So, before you complain that my free porn “isn't properly lit”, or that you're “tired of blowjob videos”... Please remember that my free porn, is just that. Free.

I have found that many people are quite misinformed when it comes to the proceeds received by the creators of online adult content. Most assume we receive approximately the same financial compensation for our work as that received by content creators on YouTube.
Unfortunately, this is a false assumption.

At the time of this being written, my videos had amassed a total of approximately 8.1 million views. My channel here on xVideos is ranked 845th in the world, 404th in North America and 27th in Canada, making it one of the mid-upper tier channels on this platform.

If a creator on YouTube amassed the same amount of 8.1 million views with monetized content, their payout from Google’s Adsense would be between approximately $2,400USD and $17,000USD, dependent on their videos’ CPI, or cost per impression score.
These numbers aren’t really as important as the lucrative sponsorship deals which become available once a channel hits a total of 1 million views. These deals can net anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000 per video... but this is xVideos, so let’s keep it real and stick to the amount paid directly for views only.

So as I was saying, for 8.1 million views, the payout would be between 2.4-17k. Where I currently find myself in this site’s rankings, I would estimate that YouTube would have paid approximately $13,500USD for the ad revenue created via my 8.1 million views.
Impressive, but considering I’ve been posting videos since May 2015, the monthly average income works out to only be $435.48.
Not exactly indicative of a living wage, but not a bad bonus every month.

Did I earn $13,500 in financial compensation from xVideos from my 8.1 million views?
Ummm... No. I did not.

Did I earn $10,000?
No... Not quite ten grand.

Did I earn $5,000?

No. But getting warmer.

Oh... $2,500 Canadian dollars?

Okay! I’ll just tell you what I earned...
$406.87USD. Or $506.48 in Canadian funds.

That works out to a truly wallet-straining $16.32 bonus every month... Yes! Every single month!

Here is one last fact which may give this a bit more context...
The financial proceeds I have received from my top-performing video, “A Taste of Soda” were enough to fill my car’s gas tank once... and I drive a Smart Fortwo.

To be honest, beside the value they lend to the promotion of my personal services, my videos serve absolutely no financial purpose to me whatsoever. I produce and post my videos because I enjoy it, and for the enjoyment of my many fans, the world over. :)

I have uploaded my entire video catalogue here on XVIDEOS.COM. Subscribe to my channel, and you’ll be notified of every new video I post, so you’ll never miss out on any of the red-hot action!

Sorry, but I do not use Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Kik, or any other messenger type service.
If you'd like to have a full-on chat with me, I'm sorry, but that's not likely going to happen. There are just so many of you requesting to chat. There are only so many hours in a day, and many of those I spend working... Spending time with clients, promoting my services, going to the salon, laundering bedsheets, and everything else involved in running an independent service.
I hope you understand, and realize that it's nothing personal against you. I believe that if you give something to someone, you'd better be able to give it to everyone else... and regrettably, I cannot.

All of my fans around the world mean so much to me... Including you! I wouldn't be able to live the dream life I do, without the support of all of you, and my amazing clients. I sincerely thank each and every one of you for the love and support you have shown.

If you’d like to get to know me personally, the best way is to visit me at my downtown studio condo, conveniently located in Victoria, British Columbia.
There, I will treat you to an experience which will undoubtedly live on in your memory for a very long time. If you'd like, we can even shoot a video of our encounter, which will be posted to this very channel, thus officially making you a real-life porn star! That's pretty badass of you... Just imagine how jealous your friends will be of your new 'porn stud' status!

I will happily fuck anyone, and do not discriminate based on race, age, weight or physical ability. The only people I reject are those who refuse to show me the proper respect, and/or refuse to follow my few very simple instructions. So if you’re a respectful guy, chances are I’m going to want you inside of me... and that’s putting it mildly. ;)

Meeting me in person couldn’t be easier! Simply book some time with me, and make your way to Victoria. Then just leave the rest to me. I realize it's a long way for some of you, but I promise that the time you will spend in my company, makes a trip of any length totally worth the effort. ;)

I sincerely hope I’ll see you soon... In the meantime, please do enjoy my videos!
Please remember to 'like', leave me comments on my videos and subscribe to my channel!


Now... while I have your attention.
If you enjoy my videos…

Would you please consider making a donation which will help ensure that all of my past videos remain online, and that all of my past, and future videos will be continue to be offered 100% free of charge to you, and to everyone else as well.
Please don’t feel pressured, because while a donation is by no means a requirement, please know your generosity is very much appreciated. :)

If you love watching me sell my willing mouth, and over-fucked escort pussy to anyone who’s willing to pay the asking price...
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Please remember, every one of the guys who appear in my videos are 100% real clients, involved in 100% real sessions, for which they’ve paid 100% of my normal rate, in 100% real money.
In essence, these clients pay, in part for your entertainment.
If you’d like to chip-in a little bit also, I again would certainly appreciate your generosity!
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Thanks for your lust, love and support!

Profile hits: 1,163,051

Total video views: 4,981,758

Channels hit rankings:
World #915
North America #439
Canada #31

Pornstars hit rankings:
World #1,536
North America #992
Canada #31


Languages: English

Seeking: Woman, Man, Couple, Lesbian woman, Lesbian couple, Transsexual, Transsexual couple

Relationship: Open

Kids: No but do not want any

Education: Military technical school

Religion: Atheist

Smoking: Regularly

Drinking: Never

Webcam: No

Ethnicity: White

Body: Average

Height: 59.8 in

Weight: 134 lbs

Hair length: Long

Hair color: Brown

Eyes color: Grey

Interests: Amateur, BBW, Big Tits, Bizarre, Blowjob, Chubby, Corset, Cum on hair, Cum on tits, Facial, Fat, Female ejaculation, Gangbang, Hairy pussy, Insertions, MMMF, Orgy, Shemale, Sucking, Titjob


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